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Robotic Competition in bangalore


About The Robofest

Robofest India is NovatechRobo's autonomous robotics program for students in 2nd grade through college. Student teams design, construct, and program their robots to act independently and compete for trophies in a variety of competitions. Robofest’s mission is to generate excitement among young people for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), develop creativity and problem solving skills, and prepare them to excel in higher education and technological careers. What makes Robofest programs unique?

Students Role:

While adult mentorship is encouraged, students design, construct and program the robots and students make all decisions during competitions.

It's Flexible:

Any type of robot kit, materials, actuators, and sensors are allowed. Robots can be programmed with any programming language.


Team registration is $70 per team. Reusing parts and old kits are encouraged. Teams can be formed by any organization, school, home schools, clubs, or civic group.

Everyone is Recognized:

All registered participants receive personalized medals and certificates. Winners of the qualifying and championship rounds receive trophies.

Something for Everyone.

Robofest offers a wide variety of programs that fit many robotics experience levels and interests. Advanced or novice, we have something for you!

Robofest Competition Details

Here Is details about Robofest 2021

Type of Games
Bottle Sumo Junior (Grade 5th to 8th)
Senior (Grade 9th to 12th)
Be the first robot to push intentionally a bottle off the table OR be the last robot remaining on the table. Read More!
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Game Junior (Grade 5th to 8th)
Senior (Grade 9th to 12th)
Accomplish robotics missions using fully autonomous robots. Robofest Game especially puts math. Read More!
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Robo Med Junior (Grade 5th to 8th)
Senior (Grade 9th to 12th)
High School and College teams create intelligent and interactive medical robotics/device projects. Read More! ----
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Exhibition Junior (Grade 5th to 8th)
Senior (Grade 9th to 12th)
Each team has complete freedom to show off any creative computer programmed robotics R&D project. Read More!
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Robo Arts Junior (Grade 5th to 8th)
Senior (Grade 9th to 12th)
Intelligent and Interactive Robots in Visual and Performing Arts Read More! ----
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NovatechRobo Pvt Ltd

Novatech Robo is one of the leading robotic company established in the year 2010 with the motto of training student community with advanced technology and latest innovations and among the students of, underdeveloped and developing countries on par with industrialized countries.

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Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 2

Mr. I. A. Khan

CEO at NovatechRobo

Speaker 3

Dr. CRS Kumar

Chairman of Data center in DIAT, DRDO

Speaker 4

Dr. Jharna Majumdar

Head Centre for Robotics Research at the Nitte MIT, Bangalore.

Speaker 5

Mr. Sanjeev Malhotra

CEO of center of Excellence, CoE-IOT at Nasscom, Bangalore

Speaker 6

Prof. B. A. Patil

Scientist and Physicist

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